Canada 's Changes Through The Decade Of The 1960 's And 1970 ' S

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Canada faced dramatic changes through the decades of the 1960’s and 1970’s, but in particular the province of Quebec. In 1959, Quebec Premier Maurice Duplessis died, this marked the beginning of the Quiet Revolution. Duplessis was the Union Nationale leader and the party had controlled Quebec for decades until shortly after Duplessis’ death, a provincial election was held where the Liberals, led by Jean Lesage, had won the vote. The Liberals started moving away from the Catholic ideologies, traditions were being shifted and a transformed society was taking over the province of Quebec. Lesage was famously quoted in 1962 “There is no doubt in my mind; it’s now or never that we must become masters in our own home.” which became the Liberals slogan- Masters in our own home (Maîtres chez nous). Changes made during Lesage’s time as Premier were costly and the taxes had rose. Some of his changes include: creating Hydro-Quebec and Francophones playing a greater role in Quebec 's economy. Following, the 1966 provincial election took place and the Union Nationale won. In 1967 an eager bilingual Pierre Elliott Trudeau was the Minister of Justice in Lester Pearson 's federal cabinet ready to take his place. In 1968 Pearson announced he was going to retire as Prime Minister of Canada. Trudeau won the leadership race and became the new Prime Minister of Canada on April 20, 1968. Trudeau was famous, he had the status and appealed to a younger audience, he was the voice of progression and…
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