The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a drastic play overflowing with stereotyped characters. It takes place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year of 1692. There are suspicions of witchcraft taking place throughout the town. Abigail Williams is the start of it all. If you weren’t actually involved in all the witchcraft hysteria, you were to blame. John Proctor, an innocent Puritan farmer, was one to get involved. He had a fallacious reputation with Abigail Williams. Though Proctor was married, Abigail’s love for him still endured. She wanted him back, so the only way of doing so, she would have to get rid of his wife. Abigail not only got rid of Elizabeth, Proctor’s wife, she got rid of a lot more innocent people as well. They were hung if they …show more content…

At the beginning of the play, his best possession is his name and the integrity associated with it. He didn’t want anyone to figure out he had an affair with Abigail, so he kept quiet. But in the end of the play, he confessed of being an adulterer. His attitude towards the whole thing changed. He cared deeply about his reputation and what people thought of him. Towards the end, he didn’t care. He wanted his wife out of jail, and put Abigail in. Proctor is not only motivated by his wife, he is motivated by honor. He wanted to have others respect him, but he deserved respect for himself. He demonstrated his notion of self-worth and sacrifice. Proctor stands for the truth and resists the social paranoia of the town. He is able to stand for his word and not sign a false accusation. He acted upon what he believed. Proctor is irritated with the whole witchcraft fiasco. He wants to put it to an end, along with Abigail. While Proctor was being accused of witchcraft by the judges, he decided to confess. He didn’t confess to being involved in the witchcraft, but he confessed about his adultery with Abigail Williams. He wanted to prove to the court that she had a motive for wanting to accuse Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. He wanted to make it evident to the court that Abigail’s desire to do away with his wife is what has driven her to accuse Elizabeth as well as the others. Proctor is in hope for discrediting Abigail in the eyes of the court. Thinking

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