The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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One of the most controversial and iconic plays that came from the 1950s was Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. During a time when the U.S. was worried of communism taking over, Miller released The Crucible, which helped to capture the hysteria that was occurring. The play presents itself as a metaphor for the House of Un-American Activities Committee that was created during the Cold War when communism was spreading, but Miller never actually referenced it in the play. Although Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is set in the late 1600s, it offers a fine example of allegory of McCarthyism in the 1950s.
During the late 1600s in Salem, Massachusetts, people are experiencing a somewhat mass hysteria as the witch trials occur. The main plot of the play revolves around a group of people in Salem. In begins with Abigail Williams and other girls being questioned about practicing witchcraft when a young Betty Parris is found motionless and unconscious. While being questioned, Abigail and the other girls claim the Tituba(Parris family’s slave) forced them to drink blood, while she was conjuring up a curse that the girls asked her to do. Abigail and the other girls then proceed to accuse other members of the town of witchcraft, including Elizabeth Proctor. Her husband, John, had a brief affair with Abigail and Abigail still desires to be with John. During the trials, John Proctor claims that Elizabeth is pregnant, which would spare her from being taken to the gallows for sometime. He also asks

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