The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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Would an acceptable solution to get rid of a strange friend or neighbor whom you feared be reporting them to authorities as a murderer? Would you let someone go to jail or even face the death penalty on behalf of your fear of their “odd” behavior? In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, a group of young, Puritan girls is found dancing around a fire in the forests of Salem, Massachusetts. To prevent getting in trouble, the girls pretend to be overtaken by the Devil and accuse several other people in their town for conferring with the Devil. Consequent of these false accusations, more than a dozen innocent Puritans were hanged. Given the perception of the Devil by the Puritans, their fear of his powers and alliance with God drove them to the intense and harsh behaviors to eliminate individuality deemed as sinful conduct during the Salem Witch Trials. The Puritans came to America early in the seventeenth century to escape the Church of England. Since the Church of England was beyond the level of improvement, their primary goal in America was to create societal, religious, and moral reforms by purifying their previous lifestyle. (Kizer) In effort to purify their religion and establishment, the Puritans divested from all traditions and regulations of Christianity. With such a great importance, the first structure to be purified was religion. The foundation of their religious principles highlighted the integrity and the authority of God. According to these philosophies, God controlled

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