The Crucible By Arthur Miller

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller was probably one of the most breathtaking plays of his time. Taking place during 1692 it talked about the Salem Witch Trials mostly, what happened, who was accused, how did it start, and how did it end. He did an amazing job describing the scenes, using actual names of the people at the time, and the actual events in chronological order. Throughout the play he also hit on a major idea during the time which was known as McCarthyism, where Arthur miller himself was accused of being a Communist. In addition with the creation of The Crucible came the creation of new ideas and new ways of interpreting plays. Themes such as reputation, religion, and revenge help people more easily interpret the play. Overall Arthur Miller has done many great plays, which sparked a chain reaction in making The Crucible and getting accused of being a Communist in the era of McCarthyism. “Arthur Miller [is known] as one of the leading playwrights of the 20th Century” (Arthur Miller). However his life wasn’t always that great. He was born in great poverty to a women’s clothing merchant that fell into a major economic disaster during The Great Depression. As he grew older he got more into literature and eventually wrote “one of the most famous political works of all time” ( known as The Crucible. However, with the creation of The Crucible came a cost only after 3 years it was published he was persecuted by everything he warned
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