The Crucible By Arthur Miller Essay

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“Honesty is the best policy.” Kids grow up hearing that from their parents and teachers and other adult figures. However, many grow out of listening to this advice, spreading bits of untruths as harmless as white lies to the more severe, like in the case of the Salem Witch Trials or the McCarthy trials during the Red Scare. Arthur Miller delved deeply into this topic in his famous play, The Crucible, in which he compared the Salem Witch Trials to the McCarthy trials as a comment on the self-preserving, rash, and gullible nature of human beings in order to open the audience’s eyes to the error of their ways. He wanted them to see the negative consequences of the Red Scare so they would put an end to it.
Before understanding Miller’s conviction towards the nature of human beings, it is important to understand why he used the occurrences of his time period, as well as the Salem Witch Trials to support his standings. Despite the McCarthy trials being “relatively short, [the] proceedings remain one of the most shameful moments in modern U.S. history,” as Joseph McCarthy’s actions involved making accusations towards officials in the United States Army, without considering sufficient evidence (McCarthyism). He claimed that over 200 communists were working in the United States Department of State, and proposed an eight week duration of televised hearings in order to investigate the accusations through cruel and unscrupulous tactics (Turner). People at the time were concerned with

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