The Crucible By Nicholas Hytner Essay

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The movie I chose to research was the crucible, directed by Nicholas Hytner but written by Arthur Miller. This film starred a young Wynona Ryder along with Daniel day-Lewis and Paul Scofield. Originally released on November 27th 1996, the film was well received even being nominated for an Oscar in 1997, along with 26 additional academy awards that year, sadly it only won 4. Of course a film about witchcraft, an affair, and people being hanged would spark controversy especially since it was rated at pg-13 but nothing major was said about this. On the other hand Rolling stone magazine said “In the film 's most complex role, Day-Lewis performs with quiet power. Playing nobility can make actors insufferable, but Day-Lewis keeps John Proctor human even when saddled with smudgy makeup and fake brown teeth for his final scene.” Giving the film an overall positive review. The film “The Crucible” opens with a group of young girls and a slave named Tituba dancing around a fire in the woods of Salem, Massachusetts. A man sees the girls dancing; he startles them and they scatter but the 2 youngest girls are scared so much so that they pass out and enter a coma like state. The man we later find out is a reverend, one of the younger girl 's father, and the uncle of the ring leader of this dancing party. His daughter Betty was one of the comatose girls. Reverend Parris called in an expert in witchcraft, Reverend Hale, to look at the comatose girls, because he suspected the girls of

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