The Crucible Movie Analysis

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The Crucible” is originally a play written by Arthur Miller. In 1969 the film was produced by David V. Picker, Robert A. Miller and directed by Nicholas Hytner. The movie is based around the Salem witch trials and is a historical fiction. The film is a classic story of pointing fingers and false accusations. Within the film there are many main characters. These characters include Abigail Williams played by Winona Ryder and John Proctor played by Daniel Day Lewis. The point of view is from a third person point of view. However, the third person view gives an insightful look of views from the other charters. The main character is Abigail Adams and throughout the movie her main goal is to accuse John proctors wife, accused and killed for being a witch. However, as she gains more power she accuses many people and leads to her eventual leaving of Salem. Her point of view changes drastically, at the end of the movie she realizes that she has lost power and is fearful because of her scheming ways. Another point of view is from the perspective of John Proctor. As he is accused of witchcraft he struggles with the decision to confess to being a witch or not confessing in order to keep his name clean. The struggle he has with this choice is a great representation of how others felt about confessing to be a witch. Back in the times of the witch trial, your name had a lot of value and honor because it is what future generations would carry on. If a person's name was dragged through the

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