The Death Penalty Using One Word Essay

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Twenty-six percent of individuals responded with a ten when asked if the victim’s family gained more attention. Seventeen percent said the victim’s family did not. However, the remaining results varied from four to nine, with nine meaning the victim’s family gained more attention from the criminal justice system. Question seven asked individuals to describe the death penalty using one word. The word that was used the most was “cruel.” The use of that word by participants was not surprising at all. The next common used word was “justice.” The use of these two words were simply interesting. This is simply because with they can almost act as antonyms. This indicates there were definitely mixed beliefs about the death penalty. A few negative words that were used to describe the death penalty were tragic, inhumane, abomination, unlawful, judgmental, wrong, and flawed. In comparison, words such as deserving, karma, complicated, and irrevocable were also used to describe the death penalty. The last question included in the survey was a short response question. Participants were asked to discuss the different ways that the families of the accused could cope with death penalty. I was very pleased with the responses. One-fourth of participants indicated that prayer was the answer. They insisted that religion and faith were the appropriate approaches to dealing with the tragedies experienced during the death penalty. Some individual even suggested something as simple

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