The Crusades : Campaigns That Changed The World

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Jared Spoonhour
Mrs. Fegan
Human Rights Literature
18 November 2015

The Crusades: Campaigns that Changed the World
The Middle East has been afflicted by major religious wars and strife for thousands of years. For nearly a millennium, pilgrims from Europe had been persecuted by the Muslim rulers while on their way to the holy Christian city of Jerusalem in order to make atonement for their sins. The tense struggle for ownership of the city of Jerusalem between Muslims and Christians nearly a thousand years after Christ’s death finally came to a head in 1095. After learning of the mistreatment towards Christians in the Middle East by Muslims, Pope Claremont advocated for the liberation of Jerusalem from its Muslim governance in order to acquire freedom for the oppressed Christians attempting to simply be pious followers and repent. The Crusades, occurring from 1095 A.D. to 1272 A.D., were a direct response to the problems coinciding with the growing population of Muslims, Jews, and Islamic peoples in the Middle East and were greatly influenced by powerful individuals such as Richard I of England, consequently leading to effects that would forever change the world’s advancement and progression.
One thousand years after Christ’s death the peaceful setting in which Muslims and Christians cohabitated in the Middle East began to be threatened. Many formerly Christian controlled cities had now fallen under the control of Muslims. Ordinarily this was not an issue, however, at this
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