The Cuban Missile Crisis

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1.0 Plan Of Investigation

The purpose of this investigation is to establish the extent to which there was a victor at the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. This investigation will evaluate the position of both Khrushchev and Kennedy after the crisis in order to draw the victor. Looking into the intentions and goals of USA and the USSR leading up to, during, and recently after the crisis to determine the true victor, in between the years 1959 and 1979. Sources that will be used in this investigation include documentaries, CIA documents, books, and journal/newspaper article, and will be evaluated for purpose, limitations, and values, mindful of its origins.

2.0 Summary of Evidence
2.1 Reasoning for starting the Cuban Missile Crisis:

After the Second World War, a new stage in the arms race opened when Khrushchev temporarily won the space race by launching sputnik satellites into he orbit 1957. While American rockets could reach for the other side of the globe with deadly accuracy. (High Noon in Cold War)Khrushchev boasted about his missile development, however his boasting was desperate and defensive. As the arms race was killing the Soviet economy and industry. On top of this, the Soviet Union also failed to remove the Americans from Berlin, in 1959, which he then commanded to erect a wall preventing people to depart into the West. Khrushchev had more worries after the Vienna Summit in 1961, in which Kennedy refused to sign the agreement. As well as, Khrushchev
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