The Cuban Population And Population Growth And The Rate Of Population

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Cuba is currently described as a developing country and when exploring this countries history it became clear why they are considered so. At the moment, the population is decreasing at a rate of -3% according to According to, the birth rate per thousand is eleven and death rate per thousand is nine which can lead one to infer that the rate of natural increase, is 2 per 1000(or .2%). Something that can be taken away from these stats is that the rate of natural increase is positive while the rate of population growth is negative. The reason for this is an irrational number of young people who leave this country.According, the net migration rate is -5. This means that for every 1000 people in the country, five people leave. This number is not supposed to be negative; however, it is because of how many people leave this country. Most of the people leaving are the young people who will end up having children. This becomes a problem because if all of the people who are of childbearing age leave and have children elsewhere, there are no young people to help offset the old population. According to the site,” The combination of young people leaving the country and low birth rates makes Cuban society endure a population aging process. The percentage of people under 60 has been growing linearly for decades, as the percentage of people under 20 decreases proportionately.” Cuba is currently in stage 4 of the DTM model. . The country

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