The Cultural Dimensions of International Business

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The Cultural Dimensions of International Business Good day Vice President of Production, The moment approaches when I, as the company's I-O Psychologist, will be working abroad in Japan. This will be an enlightening opportunity for many reasons. This opportunity also holds the potential to hinder the company's growth and production. Japanese culture is extremely different from that of western culture. The workplace environment and participation in a company or organization is fundamental to the Japanese experience and culture. Therefore, cultural sensitivity, awareness, and keen observation are necessary. I will facilitate the exchange of ideas and maintain awareness of potentially culturally treacherous situations while I represent the company in Japan. The experience should only profit the company and increase production. My objectives as I-O Psychologist are to support the company and create a harmonious, yet industrious environment. Japanese culture is certainly long-term oriented. There are many generations of Japanese that have retained the same job for the duration of their adult lives until they retire. Lifetime employment is not a new concept in Japan. If our company is interested in engaging with the Japanese, we need to know that they are culturally inclined to favor the long term. The Japanese will not rush as they get to know the company and our practices. The Japanese will perceive us, if we rush into settling or deal making, as short sighted and
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