The Cultural Revolution : How Disillusioned People Became Because Of Chinese Propaganda

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The author uses Xu Sanguan as an example to show how disillusioned people became because of Chinese propaganda. After realizing the impact and change the Cultural Revolution had brought on, Xu Sanguan states, “I’m only just now starting to understand what the Cultural Revolution is all about. It’s actually just a time for settling old scores. If someone offended you in the past, now’s the time to write a big-character poster about him”(Hua 164). Here Xu Sanguan attempts to validate the events of the Cultural Revolution. Although the process of the Cultural Revolution has been going on, it’s intentions are finally becoming clear to Xu Sanguan. Xu Sanguan’s tone is one of rationalization and dedication. For Xu Sanguan, events that are perpetuated by the Cultural Revolution are ways to help improve the country. Public humiliation becomes a way to solve problems of the past. Unfortunately, this causes China to become divided within it’s own people because everyone is seen as a potential threat to the country. Xu Sanguan embodies the loyalty Mao was able to cease on the people of China through its propaganda and empty promises. “Mass Persuasion in Communist China” by Frederick T.C Yu analyzes Mao’s strategies of propaganda. Yu describes the way in which communist China was able to manipulate the mind’s of it’s people, he states “The Communists try to make the ideas of the Party sound as if they were ideas of the people”(Yu 15). Through strategic forms of manipulation, Mao was
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