The Cultural Value Of Pandas

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Another remarkable value panda withheld is its extraordinary cultural value. The two colors the panda has might be the two most extreme any species. It is black and white. Therefore the giant panda is said to be a physical manifestation of Yin-Yang due to its black and white spots. According to the Encyclopedia Britiannica, Yin-Yang is “the two complementary forces that make up all aspects and phenomena of life (“Yinyang”). Indeed panda set as the best example of demonstration of how Yin and Yang work in nature. When Yin and Yang are perfectly balanced. There will be one less thing to represent this unique idea if we do not save these endangered species. Furthermore, pandas are used as symbols in various platforms. One of the world’s largest conservation organization, “World Wide Fund”, has used panda as their symbol. It is mentioned on their website that the WWF founders would like a “strong” and “recognizable” symbol to “overcome all language barriers” and thus panda is agreed to be the best choice for the logo of WWF (“Giant”). The panda logo of WWF is iconic and has recognized as a universal symbol for conservation movement. It moves people. Apart from appearing as the logo of WWF, it was also selected as one of the five mascots for the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Charles). This shows that panda has such a vital meaning to the Chinese public. Nevertheless, panda also stars on the big screen too. The famous Hollywood movie, “Kung Fu Panda” uses panda as its dominant character

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