The Cultural Values Of The Catalonia Region, Spain, And Spain

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Spain has an outgoing, fun-loving sense of style within their citizens, but the Catalonia region has a hard working, business style in their community. The Catalonia region is located on the border of Spain near Barcelona and is very different than the other regions. Catalonia has a different cultural heritage and speaks different languages than Madrid, which is mainly why Catalonia wants to become independent. Catalonia is the wealthiest, most different region in Spain and can already present itself as a region that is independent of a stable economy. Catalonia is one of Spain’s richest regions which has a different aspect of their cultural values and language than other regions in Spain. Many citizens thought, to believe that this is the best option for both the region of Catalonia and Spain. Whereas all the other regions are very similar to each other. Catalonia’s region has been able to govern itself and has already become independent in their education, health, policing, and much more. These are very important in the economy and since this region has been growing more and more independent in these areas, it shows a more positive side towards splitting this region apart from Spain. Since 2010, the Catalonia region has gained momentum to split apart from Spain and become an independent republic (Dewen). Although, some Catalans do not agree with this because they do not want “an unpredicted attack in history of democracy” (Parra). These citizens believe that they

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