Comparison Of 1936 And 1939 : The Spanish Civil War

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Title “Between 1936 and 1939: The Spanish Civil War condensed the awful drama of the 1930s into one conflict”. Author Ross Douthat wrote “Spain Yesterday, Syria Today” published in the New York Times, as he explains how what happened in the 1930’s with the Spanish civil war, is what Syria’s going through, but 10 times worst. With the good guys and bad guys are acting and trying to fix the problems happening in Syria and taking them under their wing, but not actually wanting to get involve or getting caught in the middle of the situation. Douthat compares Spain and Syria based on the fact that one went through a civil war and the other one is still in that stage. Douthat uses the combination of logical reasoning and emotional appeal to make the connection between Spain and Syria, also by setting them apart, by giving examples on how Spain succeeded in its civil war and how Syria in no where near the end of that phase. The Author begins his article by giving background information on the Spanish Civil War. He begins by explaining the roles of some of the people involved, a country divided by two groups wanting to take control. He explains how western countries trying to apply their beliefs such as freedom have failed, to bring the conflicts to an end. He also brings to attention on how Gulf States want to want to resolve the conflicts & how the Islamic State threatens everyone by their pass terrorist event in Paris, and not to mention the influence they have in Americans
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