The Culture Industry And Its Influence On Audience And The Way

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For this essay, the central issue that will be investigated is the amount of influence that Adorno refers to as “the culture industry” has on viewers and how it will put in place a set of beliefs regarding what they think about the world surrounding them in the image it is presenting them. He and Benjamin have offered different theories on the amount of narrative influence the culture industry has on the audience and the way it will guide their way of thinking about certain issues as well as establishing belief systems. They both agree that in some extent, mass culture is manifesting itself through the masses through means of reproducing its content render the masses dependent on its form. With that in mind, Adorno and Benjamin have highly different theoretical arguments about mass culture and its influence on how viewers perceive things on a large scale. Benjamin sees mass culture as an artistic medium of reproduction that focuses on the expressive ability on the masses, while Adorno instead considers mass culture as preserving its power using ideological authority to drive consumption upon the masses, or to subject them into an “object of calculation; appendage of the machinery” (99). To exemplify Benjamin’s view of media culture, Dance, Girl, Dance is a highly noticeable form of expression induced by the properties of mass culture. Dorothy Arzner’s tactics in utilizing feminist sentiment through the film is further supported by Benjamin’s notion that the actor and

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