The Cummins Model Of A Second Language

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1. Describe the Cummins model of a second language acquistion The Cummins model is a second language acquisition is a process of learning language stated from infancy. Baby goes through the silent period by he/she listens to language spoken to him/her and process the sounds, without attempting to produce any of their own. As child grows and becomes more comfortable with the language that he/she begins to produce sounds. The child moves two letter syllables and finally to words. They begins to put the words together into short phrases and eventually, sentences. The stage of development takes one to two years called BICS. I went over the research of LEP children will move from the silent period to language production in one to two years. A child has BICS are not at this stage capable of meeting academic challenges in their new language. The child has to learn English from infancy enters school having to then learn academic concepts. LEP child needs one to two years in school simply to develop the verbal language that a native English speaking child possesses upon entering school. Educational have the lack of time for LEP children are forced to move to production much more quickly. Cummins vision will take a minimum of five to seven years to reach native proficiency in CALP and to be able to function successfully without help in a monolingual English classroom. During the developing CALP, Teacher should be working with LEP students on reading and writing techniques and
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