The Current Educational Reform Of Continuous Improvement

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Statement of the Problem The research problem. To properly construct a meaningful purpose of the big picture for this reform, digging into past history is crucial for me to get a clear understanding. What was going on in the American educational system that would warrant a reform movement? How did any reform evolve? Why a gradual reform towards continuous improvement? These critical questions build my case and bring meaning to the current educational reform of continuous improvement to research. This chapter will provide a purpose as to why this study is needed. According to Murphy and Adams, the major reform occurred in the late 1960s. The Soviets were ahead of the USA into space explorations. Furthermore, in the early part of…show more content…
(Bowyer & McCree, 1997) With the intention of making the necessary adjustments in education, there was an appeal towards organizations that had been successful. As mentioned previously, our education system was not measuring up and it appears that is when every. The business sector appeared to have been ahead of expanding their performances; naturally, educators gravitated towards the use and adoption of their proven strategies as a remedy. (Lloyd, Ramsey & Bell, 1997) As stated by Tyack and Cuban, “reforming the public schools has long been a favorite way of improving not just education but society.” (Tyack and Cuban, 1995, p1) The push to reform schools has been rooted in increasing student performance in the hope of boosting economy and to please the citizens. (Murphy and Adams, 1998) Up to the present time, The Baldrige Approach is endorsed by several school systems all over the country. This approach provides a framework to identify strengths and weaknesses and allows for necessary changes to take place as it relates to improving an organization. In education, its effectiveness is not yet proven although there are several school districts that have attained the Baldrige Award. I would very much like to establish a need for this study. As the need is fully revealed, the role of Jim Shipley and Associates, the consulting agency used by Union County Public Schools, will be defined as it relates in continuous classroom improvement as I build
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