The Current Educational System Of America

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Billy Hecke Hecke 1
Mrs. Sow
21 July 2015
Academic Anemia The current educational system in America is failing to meet simplistic prerequisite learning standards that enable our ability to compete in an ever expanding global economy. This is evident in the current issues surrounding a lack of necessary guidelines for implementing an effective national curriculum, and a growing lack of acknowledgement for the mandatory subsidies required to maintain an aging infrastructure. While many tend to place the blame on our nation’s teachers and administrators, much of the burden rest squarely on the shoulders of our elected government officials who are not addressing or prioritizing the issues properly. In the excerpt, …show more content…

Additionally, this is a complex issue that possesses many facets that
Hecke 2 require a sharper focus on key areas of interest in today’s state of education reform—an almost 14 years later. Moreover, he concentrates more on personal story telling and mudslinging throughout his text, than on identifying problems and solutions for the systemic issues faced by our current education system. Moore’s “Idiot Nation” focuses on the collapsing educational system in America and highlights his views on the failures surrounding our education system; particularly, that proper funding of our education in America is minimized and overlooked. He emphasizes, “The person who cares for our child every day receives an average of $41,351 annually. A Congressman who cares only about which tobacco lobbyist is taking him to dinner tonight receives $145,100” (Moore). This illustrates the gross disparity that exist between those that mold our future society and those that hold the power to close the gap on a nation that is falling behind a on a global scale; meanwhile, our infrastructure continues to crumble along with our standards in education. Furthermore, the failures of our educational system rest most notably on our inabilities to properly fund and staff competent and properly compensated teachers. Moore explains, “What kind of priority do we place on education in America? Oh, it 's on the funding list--somewhere down between OSHA and meat inspectors.” This solidifies the

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