The Current Status Of Prostitution Essay

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Research on Prostitution
Phillip Walton
Dr. Richard Lotspeich
November 14, 2016
This paper will examine the current status of prostitution as an illegal act and the market it generates; then show what effect legalizing prostitution would have on the prostitution market. Prostitution has a very large market that if legalized could be used as a source of revenue for governments through the form of taxes. So the focus will include how the prostitution market is generated, what parts make up the prostitution market, what profits are made from the prostitution market, and other such subjects related to the prostitution market.

Research of Prostitution Prostitution is often considered to be one of the oldest professions in history. All that someone needs would be someone willing to give their body to other people in exchange for monetary compensation. However, this kind of act is considered criminal by many societies and as such time is often served by those who are caught participating in the act of prostitution on either side. While the punishments, convictions, and sanctions vary from state to state and nation to nation it has all lead to forcing this act to be done out of the line of sight of the law. With the earliest known example of prostitution occurring in the Ancient Near East where sacred prostitution was practiced in shrines and temples under various deities of the region (Godley 1920). Since then the market for prostitution has grown to expand

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