The Curriculum Coordinator Recommended For Fr. Belleview

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The Concerns and the Stakeholders The diocesan curriculum coordinator recommended to Fr. Belleview, the diocesan superintendent, that he extend the length of the school day by forty minutes. Fr. Belleview should not underestimate the enormity of the decision to extend the school day by a significant amount of time. This is not a decision that he can undertake alone, nor can he make this decision in concert with one other individual. The stakeholders to this decision must be identified and they need the opportunity to study the proposal and make thoughtful contributions to the decision-making process. The stakeholders include the parents and students, who may not be able to adjust for the longer day; teachers and principals, who are now working a longer day, as are school custodians and support staff; school-bus drivers, crossing guards, after-school activity coordinators, who have to shift their work day; and any members of the community who may be economically or otherwise adversely affected by the change in schedule. The most pressing concern with making this decision will be the reaction of the parents. Also of high concern is the reaction of the principals and the teachers. Making a decision such as this, that impacts all schools within the diocese, without consulting the primary stakeholders, is poor judgment, and ill-advised. Fr. Belleview noted “some of the considerations that might need to be addressed,” but authorized the schedule change without following up on

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