The Curse Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Curse of the Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution brought about monumental changes to the geographically lucky, while leaving behind countries that did not have the same natural advantages. It made life exponentially easier for those that could industrialize, but had an inverse effect on those that could not, and typically led to their nation being invaded and their citizens enslaved. With that being said, I think that overall the Industrial Revolution was a curse. While the positive effects sparked the evolution and technologically advances we have today, the revolution also widened the class divide between the haves and have nots, or specifically those that industrialized and those that did not industrialize, moreover it has also led to a majority of the biases people have today against other countries or people. The technological advances of the Industrial Revolution are additionally destroying the planet we are living on.
Despite all of the negatives that the Industrial Revolution brought about, it is typically the benefits that society seems to focus on. The world we are living in today has been modified by the Industrial Revolution to increase convenience. Without the Industrial Revolution, mankind would not have modern day transportation systems, the abundance of job opportunities and education, or even things as simple as hobbies. With the invention of the steam engine, a flood of innovative ideas followed shortly thereafter. The Industrial Revolution

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