The Czech Republic As We Know It

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The current Czech Republic as we know it, was established in January of 1993 when Czechoslovakia split into two independent countries. The peaceful separation created the Czech Republic and an independent Slovakia. The history the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the once Czechoslovakia is rich and full of turmoil.

The indigenous population of Czechoslovakia were the Slavic tribes. These tribes were made up of 'West Slavs ' tribes who were the Poles, the Czechs and the Slovaks. The 'East Slavs ' tribes consisted of Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusian 's. The 'South Slavs ' tribes consisted of Bulgarians, Croats, Macedonians Serbs and Slovenians. In 550 BC the Slavs began settling in the eastern Alps and by 800 BC Christianity was spreading across the Slovene lands. In 962 the Holy Roman Empire was established and in 1085 Vrastislav II became the first Czech king which started the Premyslid dynasty. The Premyslid dynasty ended with the death of King Wenceslas III in 1306. In 1414 Jan Hus, an outspoken Czech, started speaking out against the corruption in the Catholic Church. Jan would conduct sermons in Czech so the regular citizens could understand the message. Unfortunately Jan was to outspoken and was burnt at the stake one year later in the year 1415. The Hussite Wars commenced in 1420 and carried on for fourteen years and concluded in 1434. In 1458 the Hussites elected a Czech Protestant king named George of Podebrady. The Hapsburg Dynasty ruled the lands from…

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