The Soviet Union During The Cold War

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The United States did not have a favorable relationship with the Soviet Union during the Cold War due to the Soviet’s desire to spread communism. In the midst of the ideological battle between the United States and the Soviets, U.S. sought attention to whole Southeast Asia due to the radical dispersion of Communism. North Vietnam formed an alliance with the Soviet Union, and China to unite the country into a communist regime. As an international peace keeper, the United States decided to fund the French and eventually send military troops to Vietnam to help in combat he North Vietnamese guerillas, and contain the spread of communism before it escalates in full-scale across all of Southeast Asia. The Marshall Plan urged the United States to …show more content…

Viet Nam Doc Lap Dong Minh Hoi, also known as the Viet Minh, a previous political party transformed into a guerilla force led by a devoted Communist, Ho Chi Minh. Minh’s ultimate goal was for Vietnam to gain independence from European ruling – the French and to be free from Vietnam’s enemy, Japan. By July 1954, the Geneva Agreement was signed granting Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam their independence The Geneva Agreement created a demarcation line at the 17th parallel temporarily separating the military of the French and the Viet Minh between the French and Vietnam, and excluded United States. The Soviet Union and Communist China violated the agreement by providing Ho Chi Minh with more weapons and equipment. Minh was relentless in his motivation to dethrone the government leader, Diem, in the South. Political leader of South Vietnam, Ngo Din Diem faced multiple oppositions from the Soviet Union and the communist regime, but Diem was fully supported by the U.S. Military Advisers.
After the invasion of South Korea by North Koreans in 1950, United States decided to fund Vietnam’s military force of $4 billion to help the French in their operations with Indochina. According to Sandra Taylor, author of “Tracing the origins of U.S. involvement in Vietnam”, the U.S. actually “refused” to provide money to the French directly. The Marshall Plan was signed “to stop the spread of communism through financial aid

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