The Dangers Of The City Of Retalia

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The walls of Retalia rose skyward, nearly twice the size of the tallest building. The Ring, as we called it, glistened in the sunlight due to the silvery plates on it. The Ring surrounded our city of Retalia, a prosperous city with silver-plated skyscrapers. Although the city was beautiful and normally filled with cheer from the many holidays, this day was different. I woke up just like every other day, feeling elated to be in this city. I had the best school, technology and food. “Luke, breakfast is here!” my mother called as she picked up the delivery of toast, bacon, and eggs from the door. “It seems we’ve gotten a letter!” She said as she tore open the envelope. “Oh dear” My mother muttered as the smile melted off her face The…show more content…
Actual living grass! And animals, oh the animals! They were alive! But this joy did not last as we kept driving we saw the grass change color to light brown, the magnificent animals scarcer, and there were small groups of people with grim faces and saddened eyes. At each group we stopped and dropped off some people. Eventually only one other person was left with me. We were both dropped of at a group that, as I learned later, called themselves the outsiders. “Hello there!” said a bearded man. He spoke with an obviously faked cheer. “The names Logan” he said. Logan carried a large wooden pole with two curved pieces of metal at the top. The weapon was large and seemingly heavy, but his large hands and wide shoulder would probably be able to swing it with ease. “Im Chip.” Said another, smaller figure. Chip carried a long curved piece of wood with each end tied together with a string. He also had a pouch strapped around his waist with long pieces of wood that had feathers on one end and triangular rocks tied to the other. “H-Hi” I said “My names Luke and, if you don't mind me asking, what are those for?” I added, pointing towards their weapons. “Oh these? They’re for the beasts! Oh and you don't need to be so polite here, there ain't no rules!” Logan cheered. “B-beasts!?” The other kid exclaimed “What kind of beasts!?” “Now hold your horses kid, we’ll tell ya in a minute. First, we need y’er names.” “Grant” The other kid replied “Now I have two
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