The Dangers Of Tobacco And Tobacco

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With more people dying from tobacco related illnesses than any other source, smoking and tobacco use is the single largest source of preventable deaths in the world. There have been many attempts at controlling smoking in America which not only harms the user but also the people around them. None of the attempts have succeeded fully so far. This essay will show why by providing evidence and history about smoking and tobacco use and analyzing current actions or rather inactions addressing this problem; this essay will explain the nature of this tobacco epidemic, and examining the steps needed to further resolve this problem.
One of the reasons why tobacco is so hard to remove from American society is the depth of which it was buried into American history. Tobacco been used for as long as America was a country, and even before that, in colonial times. European nations first encountered tobacco use by the Native Americans. According to Cotton (1998) on October 12, 1492, Christopher Colombus was offered dried leaves as a token of friendship by native Arawaks. The leaves turned out to be tobacco, which the Native Americans smoked for the purpose of communicating with spirits. (para. 2). As the exploration of the Americas increased, tobacco was brought back to Europe and it quickly caught on. The popularity of tobacco was so great, that at its peak price, it was worth the same as its weight in silver (Cotton, 1998, para. 18). When the colonies were first established, tobacco was
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