The Dangers Of Unprotected Sex

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High schools usually have Sex Ed and general health as a mandatory class. But if they drop-out before they are given such knowledge how will they know the dangers of unprotected sex? But, not only can dropping out of school determine their educational level, but not getting the same education as another ethnicity can harm them in the same way.
The African American community has almost always been targeted when it comes to not receiving a good education. A teacher of mine once said, “African American Students are not stupid. They are; however, followers. They follow what the trend is currently and that’s why there aren’t as many black children going to college because the majority are followers. You only get a few leaders from the crowd.” This spoke to me because I realized that schools had given up on African American students as a whole. Those few leaders weren’t even given a chance to lead. That’s why our society hands white children’s plans for a better education, They are already seen to succeed in the world while a black child is seen to destroy. African American children are restricted from getting a higher education because people stereotype and believe that they won’t go anywhere in life.
HARC, or HIV/AIDS resource center, and other resource centers and prevention programs claim to help try and help with preventing the STD from spreading and providing help to those before they come in contact with an HIV/AIDS infected individual. But, as I seen through my research

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