Essay The Dangers of Technology

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The Dangers of Technology

Within the past two years computers have become a new way of doing business, enjoying various forms of entertainment, and interacting with others for the majority of our nation. Almost every aspect of technical work in industry today involves the computer in some way. It is hard to find something in the world at this present time that wasn’t either made by a computer program, or houses a computer of its own. Keeping this in mind while reading Ray Kurzweil’s article “The Virtual Thomas Edison” makes one realize just how much humans depend on computers, and Kurzweil’s hypothesizes that “Within three decades machines will be as intelligent as human beings”(Kurzweil, pars 16). Kurweil continues, by stating,
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If this prediction in fact does manifest itself it could mean an expansion of human brainpower and dramatic decrease in disease among the population. There even exists the possibility that these medical robots could eliminate the need for most modern day medicines. The entire idea of using computerized implants was initially based upon current research and therapy being done using cochlear implants for the deaf and neural implants, which are used to help treat Parkinson’s patients.
Despite some of his positive statements about nanobots, Kurzweil does not end his discussion on the topic with such optimism. He delves in the potential evils that may arise with the use of nanobots. He believes that nanobots could also be used against people without anyone knowing because of their germ-like size. “New concerns will include such questions as ‘Who is controlling the nanobots?’ and ‘Whom are the nanobots talking to?’ For example, organizations (e.g., governments, extremist groups) could distribute trillions of undetectable nanobots that could then monitor, influence, or even control our thoughts and actions”(Kurzweil, pars 10). He also states that the nanobots could be used to create diseases that only the computers have a cure for. The nanobots could use their extensive knowledge of the human anatomy to create virulent diseases far worse than nature could ever concoct.
Computer technology has
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