The Dangers of a Profession in Mining

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You wait in line like everyone else, waiting for the elevator. The sound of the cart rearing up fills your ears, finally a ting, the door opens. Out walks your co-workers, who shuffle out, each sweaty and covered in a black dust after a long days work. You step into the elevator, one thats about to take you 2,000 feet below the surface of the Earth. Coal is the primary source of fuel for generating electricity in North America. While extreme abundant and lost costing, coal does have its drawbacks, most notably it’s very harsh effects on the carbon cycle and environment. Mining itself is one of the oldest professions in history. Since the dawn of time man has found value in rocks hidden by the Earth. Danger and death are present at every waking moment in these caves. One only needs to look back to April of 2013, where Utah's famous copper mine Bingham Canyon where two avalanches poured down unto the mines. As the mine was decommissioned in 1966, no one was hurt. This, unfortunately is rarely the case.
However collapses or explosions may not kill a miner. rather something smaller- way smaller, may. Known by many names, Coalworker’s pneumoconiosis, more commonly known as black lung disease, is a respiratory disease that is gotten through the inhalation of coal dust.
Mining is the process or industry of obtaining coal or other materials from a mine. Digging for stones and metals have been done since the pre-historic times, and is a business that continues to this day.

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