The Dark Knight Rises And Television Series

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Mental illness is heavily stigmatized in the media, whether it is in articles, books or movies, the character or person is attributed with a mental disorder which is stigmatized or exaggerated for the sake of entertainment. The stigmatizing of mental disorders is unfair to those who have a mental disorder. The viewers of media are viewing those with the disorders as “psychotic” or “crazy”, which is inaccurate and brings injustice to those who are affected. The character’s disorder in the media provides vague and inaccurate causes and treatments. In the movie series “The Dark Knight Rises” and television series “Dexter”, the characters Joker and Dexter are attributed with the mental disorder antisocial personality disorder, creating the stigma that those with the disorder are “Psychotic killers” through their symptoms and actions, as well as their treatments and causes. The Joker is a fictional character in the movie series “The Dark Knight Rises” who is attributed with the mental illness, antisocial personality disorder. The representation of the Joker and his mental disorder is stigmatized, representing him as a psychopathic killer due to his mental health. Due to the attribution of the disorder, it is portraying one with the disorder as a ‘murderer’, providing the viewers of the inaccuracy and negative view of the disorder. Symptoms of the disorder is as follows: Lack of remorse, failure to conform to social norms with respect to lawful behaviours, reckless disregard of

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