The Dark Side of Robert Frost’s Nature Essay

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Robert Frost is known for his poems about nature, he writes about trees, flowers, and animals. This is a common misconception, Robert Frost is more than someone who writes a happy poem about nature. The elements of nature he uses are symbolic of something more, something darker, and something that needs close attention to be discovered. Flowers might not always represent beauty in Robert Frost’s poetry. Symbolism is present in every line of the nature’s poet’s poems. The everyday objects present in his poems provide the reader an alternative perspective of the world. Robert Frost uses all the elements of poetry to describe the darker side of nature. After analyzing the Poem Mending Wall and After Apple Picking it is clear that nature plays…show more content…
He was born in San Francisco, California and lived with his mother who was a school teacher, and father who was a journalist. At a very young age Frost had to overcome his father’s death, who died when he was eleven. Robert Frost attended Dartmouth College and held many different jobs. He published a number of poems and married Elinor White, who he had six children with. Later Frost attended Harvard but dropped out to work as a farmer and school teacher. His life became harder when his poetry was rejected by many and his new born son died. Later Frost encountered death again because he almost died from pneumonia and actually lost another child. The grief pushed Robert Frost to poetry more and more. He sold his farm and went to England to pursue poetry and published his first book. Nature was a popular theme in his poetry and “he addressed not only its loveliness but also the isolation, harshness, and pain its New England inhabitants had to endure” (notablebiographies). Later on he returned to America as a famous poet and settled on a farm. In 1934 his daughter Marjorie died and 1938 his wife died from a heart attack. Robert Frost sold his house and began his three year stay at Harvard, where his only surviving son committed suicide. These continuous tragedies are apparent in his poems because of the presence of darkness and death. Robert Frost’s life was not an easy one, and it is clear through the themes in his poetry. Not only does he use
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