The Darkness of Isaac Babel’s The Red Cavalry

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Russian History The Red Cavalry
The storyline of Red Cavalry takes place over the course of many short stories and during the time of the Polish­Soviet war,spanning February 1919 until March 1921. The more short stories in this novel that you read, the more darker and gruesome they become. Being that this collection of stories is based upon Isaac Babel’s own diary of his experiences as a propagandist and a war correspondent, it only seems fitting that things would become significantly darker in nature the longer he had an inside view upon the real war. As it appears, the novel was written initially to record some of the finer details of the war, or rather Babel’s experiences in the war. It seems, however, that it became more of a detailing on some of the more atrocious sides to the war, including the anti­Semitism and atrocities dealt to the Jews by both the Red and the White armies. Along the way, Babel also takes note of some of the backwards social and political norms of the era and region. The observations in the Red Cavalry tend to gravitate towards the treatment of women and those of lesser wealth. Interestingly enough, they are mere observations, not giving away any particular opinions on the matter.
In the book the Red Cavalry it’s clear that Isaac Babel was not against the Red Army he was working for. Once Isaac joins the red army he realizes his personal life experiences had not prepared him to deal with the inter workings of the Red army . You can start to
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