The Day Of My Life

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It’s been two days and my stomach would not rest, it was constantly turning and nothing could calm down my nerves. Today was the day my mom comes back from the Doctors. I never really knew what was going on except the fact that Mother was very sick. 3rd grade started to become a wee bit more challenging. It was a Friday, November 2nd, so it was a little chilly with a bitter winter breeze. The air felt like needles on young 9 year old’s skin. The walk from the bus was a much different one than usual, today was the day mommy comes home. As we walked into the classroom (my brother and I) hardly any students were there at the moment. I greeted my teacher and walked to my seat and began working on the morning start up. As more people strode in we began our day by starting out with a spelling test which I got 8 out of 10. This past week had been rough but it was finally going to be over. Lunch was a upon us and I was eating a PB and J. My dad packed me the simplest food choices because he was unwilling to do anything extravagant. My stomach had been growling all morning not to mention all of the nerves. It felt like a party was going on down there. Right after lunch we had recess, I regularly ran the mile club. I let out a sigh of relief as the school day was finally over. Then I began to prepare for the bus, I grabbed a sharp enough pencil to defend myself to what was about to come. I made a decoy sandwich so I could eat my other sandwich in peace. As the final bell rang

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