The Day Of The Beach

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The Earth man lives on is ninety-seven percent ocean, but man cannot control himself when it comes to protecting the ocean. Without the ocean the world’s population would no longer have seafood to help with nutrition, jobs as sailors and fishermen would no longer exist, beaches would not exist for children to create memories, and the world would no longer be the same. As a young girl I use to always go visit my aunt in Connecticut, and since I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada the closest I got to water was the pool in my grandparents backyard, so my aunt and uncle always made sure that while I was with them we went to the beach. Although this one particular year stands out to me when I think of the beach; 2011 I was fifteen in RI at…show more content…
2014. Web. 22 Oct. 2015. In 2014, NOAA provides this report with detailed and sufficient information relating to the effects of marine debris and the entanglement that happens to the ocean’s animals. The report done by NOAA’s Marine Debris Programs gives amazing information to help argue my opinion in the future, since it is referring to debris and animals. The information regarding the effects of marine species in marine pollution, specifically pinnipeds is stated in the report about how many marine animals are being entangled by the pollution humans are creating. This report provides excellent background information with facts dating all the way back to 1983 to 2014. I believe with all these years of research, the report helps me find other information relating to marine debris. NOAA has made is very easy to identify who has published this report along with who was involved. NOAA being The Nation Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration makes them quite qualified to speak on marine pollution and they allow all contact information to be found. For the most part NOAA has done their own research to create this report, therefore there is not any other sources. With NOAA being almost all about marine life the administration is biased, but they provide valid information that can easily be verified. "Ingestion Occurrence and Health Effects of Anthropogenic Debris Ingested by Marine Organisms." Noaa, 1 Apr. 2014. Web. 22 Oct. 2015. In 2014, NOAA did this report
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