The Day Of The Beach

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The Earth man lives on is ninety-seven percent ocean, but man cannot control himself when it comes to protecting the ocean. Without the ocean the world’s population would no longer have seafood to help with nutrition, jobs as sailors and fishermen would no longer exist, beaches would not exist for children to create memories, and the world would no longer be the same. As a young girl I use to always go visit my aunt in Connecticut, and since I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada the closest I got to water was the pool in my grandparents backyard, so my aunt and uncle always made sure that while I was with them we went to the beach. Although this one particular year stands out to me when I think of the beach; 2011 I was fifteen in RI at Misquamicut Beach. While I was being a normal teenage girl at the beach collecting seashells, I found something that I did not know was important until today. That day on the beach I found a seagull dead with the plastic six-pack ring around its neck. However, at that age, I thought about the bird and how it must have choked to death, but I never thought until now that we were the reason this animal is dead. Looking back on this memory it made me choose to do research on marine debris. I want to know what is being done to help prevent this from happening and the effect the pollution it is having on our animals.
If man took care of the only planet we have then I would not have to do the research to see what damage is being done, but we do not take…
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