The Day Of The Camping Process

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Everyone feels the need to get away from his complicated lives now and then. There is no better way to simplify life than camping. Being unplugged from the busy world might be hard, but it is well worth it. From the beginning to the end there are many excellent experiences and sensations camping can provide to anyone.
The start of the camping process is the most difficult, but a crucial part none the less. Waking up good and early, the room is filled with a bright, orange early sunrise light. The air is cool and crisp, the faint sound of birds chirping enters through the window and the smell of breakfast passes the through the doorway into the room. Throwing the checkered blanket aside and rising from the warm bed feels like …show more content…

The poles are made of a smooth, light metal and are surprisingly cold. Next comes folding the actual tent. For the most part the tent feels kind of grainy, it is made mostly of a thin nylon material but occasionally there is mesh window or a metal zipper. Placing the folded tent into its brown cardboard box proves to because somewhat difficult as air was trapped inside while folding it. Finding the zipper and pressing down on the tent releases the trapped air and the faint smell of dust. Luckily most of the packing was done yesterday so all that is left is loading the camping necessities into the bed of the very large, torch red truck. Blue and black leather bags filled with all sorts of clothing, a cooler filled with food, a box with minor cooking utensils and much more almost are loaded into one big colorful mess in the back of the truck. And with that it is time to head off to the camp site.
With most of the tedious activities out of the way the real camping experience can begin. After a long drive stepping out of the vehicle and being greeted by nature is a blessing. The sounds of nature are music. Birds chirp a high pitch melody, animals rustle away through the brush and bushes and swarms of bugs frantically fly around the camp site. Blowing wind shakes the trees and carries a pure smell not commonly found in the city. No car exhaust or smoke in it, just the pure smell of

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