The Day Of The Night Essay

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The night before his early descent on the small Spanish coastal town, he had slept briefly and poorly, waking up in the middle of his sleep with a headache and foul metallic taste in his mouth; he interpreted as the natural result of the birthday celebration which had gone on till the middle of the night-four hours-prior to his departure. Now, forty-eight minutes past eight: all the people including him exited the plane, picked up their luggage and headed out into the exit for arrivals whilst glancing straight ahead for familiar faces. In his case, he was met with his name written in on a white washboard held by a man in navy blue uniform reserved for the local town police. He was in no hurry to approach the man in uniform, when the sun high in the sky, as to be expected in this period, the heat intensified the ache in his head. As the crowd dispersed to leave with their families, the man in uniform took notice of the odd man out headed his way with a black tattered duffel bag slung over his shoulder.
“Good Morning, Detective Shepard. It’s good to meet you.” The greeting was forthcoming, followed with a friendly introduction: “My name is Tomás Cassillas. I will be you associate for the duration of your trip and I look forward to working with you.” Tomás’s right hand fell warmly on Detective Shepard’s shoulder, while his other hand gestured towards the parking lot a few steps ahead. “If you’ll follow me the car is this way.” The two headed towards the parked car, making

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