The Deadwood Insititute Prologue

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Kurt Rook. He remained confined in his restrained behavior, fighting the urge to lose control with the deprivation of slumber and nutrients. Sheer irony shouted from his current physical state. No matter what he could do, he never found himself pointed to the direction of home. He stood up from his desk, his long, white coat casually coming around his gaunt form. His light tanned hand stretched over to the fold open and flipped it closed. Tilting his head, he glanced toward the window and spotted at the silvery light slipping through the crack between the thick curtains. He didn't realize how late it was. Dr. Rook moved away from his chair, coming toward the window and peeking through into the glass. His subtle blue stare focused downwards where an ambulance swerved into the parking lot. It's unmistakable siren rang with awful music with tires screeching to a halt and the back doors flying open. Paramedics rushed out, rolling out a stretcher carrying an unusual man. Seizure, probably, he assumed. He only saw a convulsing silhouette. As they rolled the newly acquired patient into the hospital, he felt it as his cue to leave the window and return to work. Straightening out the curtains he came back to his desk, reopening the file and beginning to flip through the important documents about one of his patients. Rubbing his eyes, he glanced up to stare at the photograph at the edge of his…
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