The Death, Burial, And Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

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Why did they wait until 100 pages into the book to write this chapter? Earlier in the book when they said that I might want to set down the book they were right. This chapter has some really helpful concepts validated by scripture and explained with helpful models that should get every Christian excited about ministry to the city. This chapter is about sharing the good news with people and grabbing their attention and respect with goo deeds. This chapter is about the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This chapter is also about loving the city and living in the city in away that is compatible with the needs and dreams of the city. This is my favorite chapter in the book by far. It contains a really solid biblical theology for loving the city. I 've never seen any Christian in my life raise a person from the dead in the name of God. I may never see a supernatural miracle in my life, but I 'm certainly not going to say that it can 't happen. Maybe we just don 't have enough faith to raise people from the dead in the name of Jesus. More commonly I think we have the ability to transform the city though doing unwarranted acts of kindness in our community. In Galatians 2 Paul extorts us to remember the poor in good deeds of service. Let us be eager to serve in this way but not forget to share the life saving word of God. Paul also models for us in Romans 1 when he says he is eager to share the gospel and that it is the power of God 's salvation for all that believe.

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