The Death Of A Monster Named Grendel

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He wished that he had never come to this village. Tonight something drove him to leave his home and seek out the flesh of the villagers. I know that I am wrong, he thought. I wish that I could resist these urges. He walked closer. He considered turning back but he grew outraged from the name of Beowulf. Before the village was attacked, a monster named Grendel was born. Unlike the other monsters, he had human-like features such as large green eyes, fair skin, point rounded ears, and opposable thumbs. In addition, he was born with health conditions such as hyperacusis and hypothyroidism; making him treated with a youthful lifestyle. He had the mindset of a child and as Grendel grew up, he became accommodated to an environment full of lies…show more content…
I know they are humans, he thought. He picked up his wooden handle blade and moments later, a group of humans on horses came riding past. The humans were wearing shiny chains of iron with dark hues and torches of fire. Aeron fought even with the most uneasy feelings and still conquered his enemies but as The Prince of Darkness arrived, the legendary King Aeron fell upon his death bed. Anyhow, the myth has been altered over the past generations but The Prince of Darkness has always been known by the name of Beowulf. Being that, Grendel with a child mindset grew up resolute to find Beowulf and seek revenge for King Aeron. As Grendel grew up, his parents always had doubtful feelings regarding Grendel’s success. His health conditions made him a setback in his family but he thought he was a hero, so he tried to be like one. Every night, Grendel would linger trails around the mountain in hopes to help a fellow monster. The trail was often rocky, with crowds of crows, consecutive cold winds, and distant sounds of thunder. One night, after a couple moments of sneaking through the dark, Grendel whiffed an aroma of blood. It is my chance to become the monster I need to be, he thought. As he turned the corner of a tree, he saw a group of unknown figures making a monster furled on a tree in terror. Pools of blood formed around the victim as he was beaten by wooden axes and iron hammers. From a
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