The Death Of An Idol. A Day Like Any Other, A High School

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The Death of an Idol A day like any other, a high school student, Karissa Rider, tried to catch up on some much needed sleep before her first period began. Too groggy to realize the effect of this event, she overheard “the gossip” of the day. The previous day April 5, 1994, something happened that would change the life of every music fan alive. Kurt Cobain, lead singer of the popular grunge band, Nirvana, had overdosed on heroin and shot himself. Cobain was only twenty-seven when he committed suicide(Johnson). Frontman of Nirvana, what most consider to be the greatest grunge band of all time, Cobain was a very important figure in the music industry in the nineties and onward. He made several strides to push music further and change the…show more content…
As a child Karissa was very into music as most children are. Although she did not very much care for Cobain at the time she cites Prince as one of her biggest idols in the musical field, comparing him to Cobain in several ways. As an adult she sees many similarities between both great artists.She states that both were widely recognized artists who changed the industry with their different stunning styles that captured the hearts of many. Prince’s recent death had affected Karissa similar to the way Cobain might have if she was a bigger fan at the time of his death. The effect of Cobain’s death truly set in Karissa’s mind thanks to a coworker who cared very much for the singer. A young high schoolkid, Karissa valued having money so, during her junior year she worked a two jobs at the same time. Her first job at a nursing home and her second at Jack In the Box, this is where she would finally realize Cobain was more than just a regular old singer, although she would not fully appreciate his art and abilities for years to come. Rider describes a boy named Robert. Robert was one of her co-workers at Jack In the Box, the only difference, this boy was in love with Kurt Cobain. At the time Rider did not care much for Cobain and could not truly see the effect he had until she saw Robert. Robert was so devastated by Cobain 's death he 'd acted as if, in Karissa 's words, “his own brother had died”. Karissa
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