The Death Of Andrea Yates Essay

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A Texas mother named Andrea Yates was freed from prison for the violent murder of her five small children including an infant by reason of insanity. She suffered from severe postpartum psychosis. This form of psychosis can affect mothers after childbirth especially if they already are predisposed to mental illness or depression. During this time a mother can loose her ability to make rational reality based decisions. This is what happened to Andrea Yates and so many other mothers. How can one be accused of a crime when their sanity is in question? Poor mother. If Andrea Yates can be forgiven for her insanity of brutally killing her children, then can 't Alison Quets be forgiven for only wanting to love her children? Who is Alison Quets? She is a 49-year-old single woman from Florida. Ms. Quets said she always dreamed of being a mother even as she worked as an engineer. She underwent invitro fertilization and gave birth to twins, a boy and girl. After the birth of her children she stated she was in a lot of pain from the surgery. Sleep deprived throughout the pregnancy, as well as from handling premature babies alone. As a mother I know how tired you can become from the care of a newborn infant. I couldn 't imagine being single with newborn twins. After stating her body began to give out on her, the inability to heal from the surgery, unable to eat, and sleep, she began to consider adoption. In spite of her dream of mothering, she made the decision to give her twins up for
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