The Death Of Apartheid - Original Writing

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The year was 2006 and I was still in the prime of building up my hot wheels collection and “driving” my parents to despair, by forcing several of the cars through the skirting board while I giggled uncontrollably. They had both been discussing a change of scenery for quite some time. I had no idea at the time where South Africa was, or what to expect, except that monkeys swung freely from palm trees and elephants roamed around spraying water out of their trunks. I was along the right lines, wasn’t I? Not quite. My mother tried her best to explain to me that she grew up in South Africa many years ago, but now the country had seen considerable change due to the downfall of apartheid. I didn’t have the faintest idea on what she was talking about, so I stuck to my perception with the monkeys and elephants; which I was exceptionally crestfallen about when we arrived as this world did not exist. My young naive mind could not have comprehended or foreseen; but was soon to discover the wonders and woes of South Africa.

Within what felt like minutes, it was my last day of school. Apart from dejection, I felt a guilty wrench in my stomach walking through the narrow school gates for the last time as I perceived that I was deserting my friends after all our wonderful times together. The good luck cards came in swarms and several swimming pools could have been filled with the tears shed that day. The 3 o’clock bell chimed, which would usually be a sound of bliss, but now it brought
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