The Death Of Juan By Carlos Juan Essay

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Patient Juan is a twenty-seven-year-old male who lives with his parents. He is an outgoing and fun-loving man. He had been engaged to his fiancé, who he had been dating for about 4 years. About three months ago, Juan’s fiancé was killed, which lead to his life and routines being completely changed. After his fiancé 's death, Juan felt obligated to attempt to go back to work to keep up with his job. This traumatizing incident leads to him quitting his job and shortly after becoming a dependent resident of his parents. Juan had always been an active individual for his hobbies and loved to stay active and play music; he was especially known by his friends and family as a fun-loving and outgoing guy. Juan found his job very convenient; where he could go to the café next to his job and grab an occasional lunch with this fiancé. Before the death of his fiancé, Juan was a hard working engineer, who worked in an office next to a café shop. Three months ago, he and his fiancé were supposed to meet at the café to later get lunch. When his fiancé was walking across the busy intersection to the café, a drunk driver drove through the stop light and hit Juan’s fiancé. Juan saw the whole thing happen and rushed to his fiancé in the middle of the crosswalk only to hold her closely covered in blood as she later dies in his arms. Juan then attempted to walk back into work to continue his shift, until he found it unbearable to the point he quit his job. He

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