The Death Of The Black Death

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In the 1300s, the Black Death swept across the western world, leaving behind a different perspective on the world. The Black Death rampaged through cities, killing thousands of people a day, leaving the remaining citizens distraught. With the multitude of death, many people began to contemplate what the afterlife held in store for them. Therefore, pieces like the Dance of Death, transi tombs, the Three Living and Three Dead, and many other artistic expressions about death began to appear. The artistic elements illustrate a complex combination of similarities and difference. However, the central theme focused on the inevitable fate of mankind. The Black Death did not exclude anyone from its rampage; it was simply an epidemic caste upon the western world. Death is something that no one can escape from; this notion is demonstrated in The Dance of Death. The Dance of Death was originally a dance performed in attempt to preserve the town from being affected by the Black Death. Another report of the dance was, “…in 1374 a dancing mania seized hundreds of people in German and Flemish towns. The people periodically interrupted their dance to fall to the ground and allow onlookers to trample them in the belief that this would cure them of their ‘extreme oppression,’ although it is nowhere stated that this was the disease.” Later, the dance was translated into painting forms that depicted people in every age range and social statues dancing with death. These paintings represented…

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