The Death Of The Black Death

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Fear. Uncertainty. Survival. These three words became synonymous with life in Western Europe during the period of the Black Death. This grim period represents a dark era in European history when a devastating outbreak resulted in a significant amount of instability, decline in population, and economic, political and cultural upheaval. In the face of this terrifying calamity, human judgement was put to the test as fear and uncertainty made people react to the plague in extreme ways. Socially, the lack of understanding of the real cause of the plague and its widespread reach made people adopt drastic measures to combat it. Religious beliefs and superstitions also played a major role in the way people reacted to the plague as many believed that the plague was a punishment for their sins. The outbreak also brought to the surface human weaknesses such as greed and indulgence as people tried to take advantage of the situation for their personal gain. Even today, society faces turmoil as a result of disease, as in the case of Ebola, which caused significant amount of mayhem and fear in the beginning when it could not be contained. The Black Death resulted in an extraordinary amount of fear and uncertainty in society as hundreds were dying each day from a disease that people could neither understand nor control. Due to this lack of understanding people began to isolate themselves and treat the infected with cruelty and indifference. This is evident from the account of Giovan

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