The Death Of The Funeral

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Things are tense, somehow through the whole school, like they 've ripped off some sort of band-aid. Veronica remembered the last time it was like this; this bad. Detention had only been the beginning of conflict, and it made Veronica think about Lilly. Losing her best friend had been the hardest thing in the world, but she thinks about the funeral, sad and tragic, but really the eye of that storm. The funeral had been civil, had been touching, had been sweet at times. Lilly may have been the top of the Neptune social ladder, but everybody ten pegs below couldn 't help but adore from afar. There 'd been kids at the funeral she 'd never seen in her classes, and Veronica tried not to think about that now, where the student population had …show more content…

Actually, Veronica could believe it was genuine dumbfoundedness, since the girl thought it would be cool to date a guy, and also date the guy’s dad. Not to mention someone else, who happens to lead a big, scary, motorcycle gang.

Veronica wasn’t sure what the right play was for all this. Logan could definitely afford to get Weevil a new motorcycle, but Veronica was willing to bet on a cold day in Neptune Hell before that happened. Crooked nose and all, Logan had found a way to smile about his girlfriend cheating on him, and she didn’t bet he’d be willing to take that back for much.

“It’s just getting out of hand,”She finished, making her apologetic-face at Wallace.

Veronica Mars misses her mommy?” Wallace tried to make her smile. Having not met Lianne Mars, he hasn’t decided what he thinks of her. Someone who took the whole ‘when the going get’s tough, the tough get going’ saying to heart, he thinks, eyeing Veronica who he can’t imagine backing down from anything. “Not to give you another project, but we actually have to do that chem project.”

She groans, and she feels like still groaning when he comes over after school to do the project. It’s mostly painless once she heaps on the sarcasm and orders them pizza; pizza’s still brainfood, even to outcast teenagers, she thinks, and they press on with their grape soda and antacid experiment. After wiping

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