The Death Of The Girl

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The bells chimed and the sound faded into a soft echo. Birds were chirping: singing the songs of nature as their wings cut through the sunlight. The thick, crisp greenery shadowed and protected life from the rays of the sun. The tall bark stood strong and would be used as support from the sorrows of death. The bells chimed again.
Inside were the faces of grief and mourning. Flowers surrounded the dark place to bring a shard of hope and brightness. The girl was sleeping there peacefully as the light from the coloured stained glass brilliantly reflected on her ivory skin. The clock ominously ticked away at each second. Quiet chatter filled the air. Cries that seemed very far away were uttered.
In another realm the soul lived on. I …show more content…

But I left him, and he was all alone now.
I walked to the place where he lay. Alone. In his room. My soul ached and I wanted so badly to comfort him from the pit of my being. I slowly walked closer to him as he had his head in his hands; in despair. I extended my own hand and lightly touched his shoulder. No reaction. He couldn’t see me. To him I was not there because we were from different realms.
His name escaped my lips and forced itself out of my mouth with the desire to reach him fuelling it. Tears rolled down my non-existent cheeks, and I lunged forward to embrace him. His scent remained the same as always and danced in my nose. As if my very being were not there, my hands slipped through his. The warmth radiated from his touch once before it was no longer there.
I called his name again. Bewildered, he lifted his head in instinct. “Adam,” I said tranquilly.
The voice he heard in his ears was indeed mine and thus he started shouting my name: “Faylinn?” His bloodshot eyes were desperately searching for me. “Faylinn, where are you?”
“I’m right here,” I replied. His eyes grew wide, and relief washed over his face. I smiled; he could see me. Our eyes met, filled with sorrow and love. I looked at the windows of his soul, and water filled them. In his arms was where I found myself next, comforting him. “It’s okay, I’m right here. I’ll always be with you.”
He shook his head in remorse, but I continued

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