The Dying Girl

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Me & Earl & the Dying Girl sounds like the type of book you would read as a warm-up for some of the classics such as Shakespeare or Lewis; however, it is one of the most complicatedly simple books that I have read. In a way, you could say it is better than the greats. It is not sugar-coated to sell more copies; it is real. It is beautifully honest.
In most public high schools, everyone is divided. I know people say that this only happens in movies, but that is not true. People may be in several different groups, but that does not change the fact that the students are divided. One boy manages to be a part of all groups, but at the same time, in none. He makes himself invisible. He believes that this solves all his problems, and I think he makes the right decision; but there is one exception. He has no friends. I have always considered doing this as damage control for drama, but after I …show more content…

The book can seem boring at times. There are very few exciting events; most are just everyday life ones. I did not understand why the author chose to right like that until I finished the book. Each sentence, each word was an event in itself. An event that would make an impact on the boy before he even knew it did. He loved making awful recreations of classic films with his co-worker Earl. One day, the girl stumbled upon them. He was embarrassed. Although he thought they were stupid, she watched them all. She spent her last few days watching the movies. When she was finally ready to pull the plug in the hospital, the boy brought her one last movie. It was a movie about her. Their last moments together were during that film. Near the end, she went into a comma. He never saw her again. I think that this book has taught me to focus on every little thing, every little habit of quirk someone has, because I may never see it again. I have become more observant of my surroundings and the people I am with. I live life like it is everyone else’s last

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